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Dr. Ali Zarrabi is Associate Professor and Principal Investigator in the Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Istinye University, Turkey. He holds a bachelor's degree of Chemical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (2004), a master's degree of Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (2007), and a PhD of Nanobiotechnology from Sharif University of Technology (2011). His current research interests include theranostics, transdermal drug delivery system, nanomedicine, nanomaterials and their surface engineering/modifications, skin patches, wearable devices, and wound healing/dressing. His group works at the interface of supramolecular chemistry, bioengineering, and medicine to develop approaches for simultaneous diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Dr. Zarrabi is a member of editorial board of several journals such as "Cell Communication and Signaling", "Wound Repair and Regeneration", "BMEMat", "MedComm – Future Medicine", "Journal of Personalized medicine", "Bioengineering", "Future Pharmacology", "Biomaterials and Polymers Horizon", and "Nanofabrication". He has been the guest editor of several prestigious journals such as "Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering", "International Journal of Molecular Sciences", and "Bioengineering".


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